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Vacation time is not for you to carry your alarm clocks and watches!!! Wake up to the gentle chirping of birds, look out over yonder with a cuppa homegrown coffee, sit back and breathe in the freshness of pure morning air. Welcome to Coorg! Welcome to Ashraya!
This cosy, home stay, is surrounded by lush green forests, undulating paddy fields and manicured coffee plantations stretched out as far as you can see. During your stay, you will have your serendipity with nature. Chance on the breathtaking sight of thick pleasant mist rolling down the woods or gurgling brooks and streams or azure skies or the scent of damp earth. You will enter a time wrap here, taking you back to your childhood, to your carefree days. That, my dear guest is what Ashraya is all about!

We invite you to a great escapade. Step back from your every day busy life and immerse yourself in this  wonderland. Allow nature to overwhelm you with its power of rejuvenation and therapy like no other. We will top that with unbridled Kodava hospitality and offer you an unforgettable home-away-from-home in Coorg.